Tungsten Finger Ring Removal Tool | Ring Cracker

Removes tungsten and ceramic finger rings instantly and painlessly.  Essential for an emergency room and for fire departments.

A significant percentage of people wearing jewelry have rings made of tungsten.  People choose it for its high polish and its indestructability.  Emergency rooms need to be equipped to remove this type of ring.

Tungsten is three times stiffer than steel and much more dense than steel or titanium.  These features make tungsten virtually impossible to cut, even with our electric ring cutter or with a high speed diamond cutting disc.

The brittle nature of tungsten, however, makes it very easy to remove, employing the Ring Cracker, a type of vise that squeezes the tungsten ring until it cracks.  It works instantly.

This tool should NOT be used to remove rings other than tungsten because it may bend, not break, rings made of other metals (around the patient's finger).  We include instructions and specially selected  tools to help to confirm that the ring being cracked is tungsten.

Kit also includes safety glasses to protect the patient and a separate pair to protect the clinician removing the ring.

Protect your investment in your electric ring cutter and replacement blades by not forcing them to cut tungsten, which will damage them.

Ring Cracker Tungsten Ring Removal Tool


Normally ships within 1 business day.

Order the Tungsten Ring Removal Device through our shopping cart OR we accept purchase orders from hospitals, medical clinics, fire departments, and units of government in the USA.  Payment terms are Net 30 days.  FAX  PO to (520) 750-1442 or email one to paul@loupe-magnifier.com.  Credit references are helpful to open your account.