10X Jeweler's Loupe with LED lights and UV light

UV Magnifier

UV Light

If you are examining gemstones and minerals, you will be able to detect fluorescence with the ultraviolet light (UV). Real diamonds fluoresce under UV light. While this is not a litmus test to identify a diamond, it helps to classify stones that do not fluoresce, as non-diamonds. Fluorescence is also a way to detect heat treated stones.

LED Lights

Band of six LEDs emit a white light that is cool and bright, accurately revealing the brilliance of each gemstone. Direct illumination eliminates shadows.

3 Position Switch

Lights Off, LEDs Only On, UV Only On

10X Jeweler's Loupe with 6 LEDs and UV Light by Grobet

SKU: 29-615

1 inch working distance

21 mm lens diameter

Leather Storage Case Included