Optivisor Light or Visorlight by Donegan

Optivisor Light

The VisorLight is lightweight and clips right on to the Optivisor (and most other headband magnifiers). Made in the USA by Donegan, the same company that makes the Optivisor.  It runs on AA batteries that power a xenon laser beam light that is amazingly bright and easy to focus.  Battery life is 5 to 6 hours. VisorLight is pictured  with the Optivisor, which is sold separately.

Xenon Light with Battery Pack Mounted on Optivisor

Two models are available:

LT-42 with a 42" long cord so the battery pack can be worn on a belt or placed in a pocket or mounted on the visor magnifier, and LT-06 with a 10" cord so that the battery pack can only be mounted on the headband of your Optivisor.

Optivisor Light


10 inch cord


Optivisor Light


42 inch cord


Replacement light bulb for LT-6 and LT-42 Optivisor Lights



Quasar LS Lighting System

Another lighting solution made specifically for the Optivisor is the Quasar LS lighting system which has received rave reviews from our customers.