Optivisor Acrylic Complete Set

Visor magnifier with optical glass lenses ground to opthalmic standards.

Genuine Donegan Optivisor comes complete with 4  lens plates.  Easily change each lens plate to give you the magnification or focal distance that you need in that moment.  Like the glass version of the same lenses, these acryic lens plates are prismatic, so they reduce eye strain   Together with the padded leather headband, this means you can wear the visor in comfort for extended periods of time.  Value priced, this set is the latest addition to the Donegan line of visor magnifiers. The visor itself is exactly the same as the visor that is sold with glass lens plates, and so it is ideal for use with the breathtaking Quasar lighting system.

Optivisor Acrylic Complete Set

Visor Magnifier and the Included Lenses

  • Lens AL-3 Magnifies 1.75X at 14 inches
  • Lens AL-4 Magnifies 2X at 10 inches
  • Lens AL-5 Magnifies 2.5X at 8 inches
  • Lens AL-7 Magnifies 2.75 at 6 inches

The only visor magnifier with prismatic lenses which make your eyes comfortable all day.

Optivisor Acrylic Complete Set



Add the Quasar Lighting system and surround your magnifier with six LEDs that cast no shadow. Absolutely Stunning

Item: 6010


Optivisor Acrylic Complete Set with Del Sol Carrying Case and Quasar LED Lighting System

Item: ODS-2


Lens Plate Case



Optivisor Acrylic is an economical way to enjoy the magnification and comfort of an Optivisor across a range of magnifications and focal distances.