Electric Ring Cutter

Electric Ring Cutter used by hospitals, medical clinics and fire departments to remove finger rings in an emergency.


Order through our shopping cart OR we accept purchase orders from hospitals, medical clinics, fire departments, and units of government in the USA.  Payment terms are Net 30 days.  FAX  PO to (520) 750-1442 or email one to paul@loupe-magnifier.com.  Credit references are helpful to open your account. 

Electric Ring Cutter


Includes Ring Cutting Pliers, Ring Saw Blade, 5 practice rings, 4 AA alkaline batteries and Black & Decker Alkaline Power Driver


Electric Ring Cutter Replacement Blades


Packet contains 2 high speed steel blades


Ring Spreading Pliers


Save time - Remove the ring after 1 cut, not 2


Replacement S-Guide



Replacement Knurled Knob



Replacement Adapter Shaft, E-clip and Knurled Knob



Ring Cracker Tungsten Ring Removal Tool


Removes tungsten rings instantly. Includes a ring material identification kit and 2 pairs of safety glasses.


Hard Metal Practice Rings



Different Metals- Different tools

The electric ring cutter will not cut tungsten. Use the ring cracker tungsten removal tool, but only after you have used the ring material identification kit (included with our Ring Cracker) to determine that it is tungsten.