Optivisor by Donegan

Visor magnifier with optical glass lenses ground to opthalmic standards.

How Jewelers Use the Optivisor

SKU Magnifies Price Quantity
DA-2 1.5X @ 20 inches $56.49
DA-3 1.75X @ 14 inches $56.49
DA-4 2X @ 10 inches $56.49
DA-5 2.5X @ 8 inches $56.49
DA-7 2.75X @ 6 inches $60.22
DA-10 3X @ 4 inches $60.75

How the Optivisor is Used in Industry Home

Features the Light and the Optiloupe

How the Optivisor is Used at Home

Features the Light and the Optiloupe

The only visor magnifier with prismatic lenses which make your eyes feel comfortable all day.

Add an additional 2.5X of flip-down magnification with the Optiloupe LP-1


Add the Quasar Lighting system and surround your magnifier with six LEDs that cast no shadow. Absolutely Stunning


Optivisor is available with other lens materials.

This magnifier is also available with molded opthalmic acrylic lenses.  It is the Optivisor LX Series.  Same comfortable headband.  Lower price because the lenses are not ophthalmic glass and do not have the scratch resistance of glass.  The acrylic lenses are not mounted in the blue lens frame characteristic of glass Optivisor lenses.