Quasar LS Lighting System

The Quasar LS Lighting System encircles the Optivisor lens plate and the visual image with light emitting diodes (LED's).  The result is breath taking clarity of image with greatly reduced shadow.  Provides superior illumination.  Unsurpassed for tool & die work, jewelry making and dental laboratory applications.

Optivisor sold separately

Quasar Lighting System

Item No: 6010

Quantity Pricing:

  • 1-2 - $21.95
  • 3-5 - $21.55
  • 6-9 - $21.25
  • 10+ - $20.90


The Quasar Lighting system consists of a frame that snaps over the Optivisor Lens Plate.  The frame has six bright LED's connected to a light weight battery pack.

The Quasar Lighting system is compatible with the Optiloupe.

Product Specifications:

Illuminates holes and deep cavities

Long battery life - up to 16 hours of continuous use

Up to 96 hours on a single set of batteries

100,000 hour bulb life expectancy

Easy to install on your Optivisor

Compatible with Optivisor Lens Plates and Optivisor LX Lens Plates

WARNING: This product contains high intensity L.E.D.'s.  To avoid eye damage, DO NOT STARE DIRECTLY INTO THE LIGHTS FOR A PROLONGED PERIOD OF TIME.  For this reason, this product is not appropriate if the LED's are within the field of view of a patient, client or co-worker.  The Quasar LS lighting system should not be used to inspect the human body, unless the patient's eyes are completely shielded, or the patient's eyes are turned away from the LED's at all times.