Hastings Triplet Loupe by Bausch & Lomb

Three separate lenses are bonded together to form a compound Hastings Triplet Loupe lens which virtually eliminates distortion at the outer edges of the magnifier.  The compound lens is housed in a black plastic frame which is designed not to reflect light onto the object being viewed.  The case is nickel plated and serves both as a handle and as a dust protector.  This is the quintessential jewelers loupe.

SKU Magnifies Diameter Price Quantity
81-61-71 10X @ 1 inch 15.8 mm lens $54.95
81-61-68 7X @ 1.5 inches 19.8 mm lens Out of Stock
81-61-75 14X @ .75 inches 12.5 mm lens Out of Stock
81-61-81 20X @ .5 inches 8.25 mm lens Out of Stock

Hastings Triplet Loupe Magnifier by Bausch & Lomb features a compound lens engineered to magnify images with accurate color, in sharp focus over the entire field of view.

The Bausch & Lomb 10X Hastings Triplet Loupe is the magnifier of choice for grading diamonds and other gems.  The reasons is because it is highly color corrected to eliminate color fringes above/below or to the left/right of a high contrast object, like a gemstone.  In the jewelry trade, it is accepted that a diamond is considered flawless if imperfections cannot be seen at 10X magnification with a triplet loupe.


The Bausch & Lomb Hastings Triplet Loupe has the finest optics for the price.