Optivisor Complete Set

Optivisor Complete Set



Special Order Item Only

Genuine Optivisor Complete Set by Donegan Optical includes:

  • Visor with comfort headband
  • All of Donegan's 6 crown glass interchangeable prismatic lens plates
    • LP-2 Magnifies 1.5X at 20 inches
    • LP-3 Magnifies 1.75X at 14 inches
    • LP-4 Magnifies 2X at 10 inches
    • LP-5 Magnifies 2.5X at 8 inches
    • LP-7 Magnifies 2.75X at 6 inches
    • LP-10 Magnifies 3.5X at 4 inches
  • Flip-up 2.5X monocular lens
  • Visor light with xenon bulb and 10 inch cord
  • Waterproof, foam rubber padded, locking plastic carrying case engineered by Donegan Optical to cushion and protect the magnifier.

An economy version is the Optivisor Acrylic Complete Set. Optivisor Acrylic Complete Set

Components of the Optivisor Complete Set are also available with a shoulder bag and the awesome Quasar Lighting System. Optivisor Del Sol